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Most scientists have vested interests, especially the big wigs in the well paid institutions and organisations.  The companies relying on fossil fuel have scientists presenting data that prop up their position.  The companies set to make billions of dollars on carbon cap and trade and biofuels have scientists presenting data that prop up their position.  BOTH sides of this issue have vested interests and scientists.

Fortunately, the data remains the same, no matter who is presenting it.

The trick becomes how one presents that data.  Tricks such as cherry picking dates on charts.

If you require a scientist to give you interpretations then go right ahead and find one that doesn’t have some kind of vested interest.  I’ve tried, and it isn’t easy, so if you find one let me know.   When discussing these topics it becomes very frustrating when the other person dismisses data and science simply because the website is on some list of  “scientific quackery” or the scientist behind it can be found flawed (read: human).

This isn’t politics.  It is science.  I don’t care who is shagging who at IPCC and I don’t care if someone is paid by Exxon.  I have my own brain and ability to interpret data.  All I need is the data.

At this site, take heart that the worst anyone can say to dismiss this data is that I’m not a scientist and perhaps if they’re really reaching they’ll take issue with my views on other subjects.   I’ve yet to discuss this issue with any closed minded absolutist who does not eventually turn to discredit the scientist or the website or anything else they possibly can so as to avoid actually trying to discredit the science.

So when arguing, whether you believe the planet is warming due to natural causes or man made ones, or even if you’re one of those that don’t even believe the planet is warming, be sure you keep pushing the science, pushing the data, challenging how the conclusions were reached, the models used and so on.  Focus.  Don’t let them drag you along on a red herring ad hominem defense.  Because it really doesn’t matter if Satan himself is delivering the information.  What matters is:  are the stats verifiable?  Is the science sound?  Everything else are clever debate tactics.  Don’t fall for it.


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