Science again stumbles on the fungal connection, this time regarding asthma.


So they put together one of their widdle trials and found, HEY, asthma is affected by fungus in some way.

Aaaand… that is all.

No big parade.  No CNN news break announcing this mega piece of the puzzle.  Nuttin’.

But, you’ll come to learn this is par for the course.  I will link the other clinical trials and “stumblings” as I go along, just for shits and giggles.  The astounding amount of trials showing cancer’s link to fungus, all the autoimmune diseases and pretty much every modern chronic disease will knock yer socks off.

Oops.  Did I just say that out loud?  Did I just go and prove myself a whackjob and earn myself pride of place on the front page headlines of quackwatch.com?

Quackwatch.  They funny.  They weeeeeeally funny.

I particularly love it when they poo poo thousands of years of successful treatment with a particular herb or whatnot and strike a talk-to-the-hand pose if you can’t ante up a clinical trial.

Let’s all take a moment of silence and kneel at the foot of the sacred Clinical Trial.


So you then say, ok, do a freakin’ clinical trial then, Einstein. To which they reply, “Nah.  Don’ wanna.  You do it.”  To which I reply, “With what do I fix it, dear Henry dear Henry?”  For you see, without money, one cannot afford one of those lab coats, nor a bunsen burner, so it really is up to “science” to “wanna”.  And when it doesn’t wanna, well, there’s no clinical trial.  Apparently that is the fault of all us poor folk out here who give treatments away to actual sick people for free while they line their coat tails with gold foil… gold foil given them by actual sick people who have to eat cat food to afford the gold foil.


One thought on “Antifungals Improve Asthma – Surprise Surprise

  1. Check out YouTuber video footage of “Is Your House Really Killing You?” Produced for Australian TV by a couple of boffins with the express purpose of alerting people to the dangers of poor house design and construction. They specifically target fungal growth and spores relation to home owners’ medical problems. That have some cheap and easy fixes. Also available on DVD.

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