If you are wondering why to bother making this salt you might find a previous article of mine entitled High Blood Pressure and Low Potassium helpful. I won’t go into the why in this article, we’ll just jump into the how.

None of the ingredients used are harmful in the amounts people ordinarily use salt so the ratios are for taste more than anything else. Essentially it cuts the sodium down to almost half (I can make mine less than half without noticing but I’ll stick to the higher sodium version here).



1 tbsp regular salt (I use celtic or pink)

2 tsp potassium chloride

1/4 tsp magnesium sulphate

1/8 tsp lysine

Smash them together with the back of a spoon or in a mortar and pestle to get them all at the right consistency so parts of it don’t sink to the bottom.  Put it into a salt shaker and use like regular salt.



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