This was not written by me.

I can’t help but notice the increase in anti-Muslim rhetoric on the internet of late.  I think the likely candidate for this aggressive stance may be Iran.  I keep hearing how they are getting nuclear this and atomic that.  My question is this, “So what?”

Many countries have nuclear weapons, and the United States has actually used them against innocent civilians, twice.  Iran’s only war of recent date has been against Iraq, which was fomented by the United States.  Nations should uphold and embody the principal of innocent until proven guilty.  The theory of a “preemptive strike” would not hold up in a court of law if I decided to act unilaterally against my neighbor, nor should it. The same holds true for countries.

Every country should be allowed to do as they see fit until they directly interfere with another country.  Until such time, they should be allowed to enjoy the freedoms and liberties we expect and demand.  It is not our responsibility to interfere with the method of governance of any other country.  When their citizens have had enough, they will change things for themselves.

I’ve noticed that a lot of news coverage has been spent on the proposed mosque near ground zero, instead of the Indian-made car that runs on compressed air.  Again my question is, “So what?”  Until there is a full, complete and transparent investigation of the events of September 11, 2001, I, for one, shall reserve judgement against Islam.  Please don’t forget that the government that guaranteed us that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, is the same government that condemned Muslims for the events of September 11th.

They were wrong about Iraqi weapons, could they also have been wrong about the perpetrators of the September 11th attacks?  Is it at least possible?  If you say, “No,” I implore you to dig a little deeper into the story.  Check out Architects, Firefighters, et. al., For Truth.  A whole lot of highly educated and reputable professionals have come forward to say that the events of September 11 could not have happened the way we are being told.  Could those in government at the time have had another motivation for war, etc., than protecting American interests and security?  Until we have some hard facts, I think we should hold our judgement and demand proof.  Especially about Iran.

Lets face facts, we’ve had enough wars and enough deaths.  Iran hasn’t done anything that America has done, i.e., develop nuclear weapons and use them against civilian targets.  Iran should only be held accountable when they actually have something to be held to account for.  Until such time, please join me in the refrain, “Hands Off Iran.”

Peace be upon you,

John Gabens

P.s.  I am not a Muslim, Christian, Jew or anything else.  I am a citizen of Earth, and my spiritual beliefs are my personal business.  I know love is the answer, regardless of the question.

Look different... have different beliefs... but all love the same... and all connected at the core.

Look different... have different beliefs... but all love the same... and all connected at the core.


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