EmergingThere is a global shift, a global awakening. Finding peace isn’t just for a handful of scantily clad bearded workaholics sitting in a cave anymore – it is for all of us. We can no longer deny the illusion of life; quantum physics has shown we don’t actually exist in the manner we thought, and uh, we aren’t actually even here. Um. Well. Yes. What to do with all of that?

We banter topics around that only a decades ago would have relegated us to the status of the under-medicated. We meditate and do yoga and those things alone were for stinky weirdo hippy freaks not too long ago, remember? How soon we forget.

We’re opening. We’re ripening.

After I had my first glimpse of my true nature I wondered what happened to it, where it went. I had trouble articulating it to others as I struggled with the overwhelming truth of it, what I saw – it changes us forever, and yet we remain the same. How do I grasp that, forever, how do I hold on to it and work it into my life?

I don’t, that’s the painful fact. It is always there, I cannot get it or hold it, I can only reveal it behind the layers of bullshit my ego puts in front of it. I had to search deeply, confronting-ly and TRUTHFULLY within myself: what do I want more, everything I know to be true, all that I have and all that I want? Or do I want freedom? For freedom is here in the blink of an eye if I allow it. Just SSSHHHHH!

I wish I could tell the world that what they seek is right here, right now. Freedom is here. Bliss is here. Choice is here. Salvation is here. I have the deepest urge to awaken my fellow beings, it comes before all other things I wish for them, because with awakening comes everything else. If I could, I would tell the world to wake up, to stop their juicy deeply rooted stories and see what lies beneath. Even for just a moment, drop it.Create a new story, or continue the ones you have but please, open your eye and see the story for what it is. I love, I am love. You are love, dance with giddy joy!

That’s what I’d say… if I could.


2 thoughts on “The Shift

  1. Is there a way to connect on facebook? I am asking, because the frequency of new posts in this blog seems to have decreased over the last months…

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