bwpointingI read the bible from time to time. I read many religious manuscripts actually. I like to listen to what those proficient in self-mastery are trying to tell us about ourselves. Yet, Christians worship Jesus, and for the most part seem to completely overlook his message. Really, his magical awakening story – it isn’t subtle.  The authors didn’t hide it, they were pretty clear.

Jesus’ awakening message is identical to Buddha’s. Their life stories are different, but their message is the same. Even though the powers that be absolutely butchered the scriptures when they chose which ones to keep and which ones to reject, the message remains.

Jesus and Buddha are pointing to who we really are, to the oneness of existence, to the illusion this “reality” is, and to what is beneath this deep layer of ego and wanting. Heaven, Nirvana, freedom from suffering, eternal Love… etcetera and so forth, it’s all right there.

I try to make sure I am worshipping the message, not the finger that is pointing to the message. What good is worshipping the ultimate good boy? What good? How does that help this world, how does it help awaken us? How does it help Jesus for that matter? Masters are humble folk, they’ll live without my worship. They’ll be much happier knowing I heard them and that I’m on the path than they would ever be with me staying miserable and prostrating to an image of which I have no direct understanding.

What would Jesus do? He’d wake up, that’s what he’d do. How do I know “what Jesus would do”?  Because he bloody well did it.


One thought on “Worshipping the Finger

  1. You missed the whole point of Jesus, His life, & His ministry. The Bible is completely about God’s love for us and that Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s love for us. Jesus said He alone is THE way, THE truth, THE life, and no one goes to the Father but by Him (alone). It’s not Jesus + other ways, it’s Jesus alone. He said it several times, I simply agree with Him. No special interpretation is required, just complete belief in His words with no picking & choosing.

    God exists in three distinct persons – Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Those who worship God MUST worship in Spirit & truth. Hebrews 13:8 says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, & forever. He was, is, & always shall be God. Eternal life comes only by believing in & worship of Jesus.

    This should be straight-forward to understand. We appreciate when people respect & love our child(ren) rather than diss on them or even be indifferent. God the Father is no different regarding Jesus. The Holy Spirit lives to glorify Jesus & to assist Christians to grow in their faith.

    My prayer for you is you would see Jesus as THE one & true way to salvation & eternal life with God. Buddha is dead & offers no path to eternal life. All religions other than Christianity are frauds & lead to eternal damnation rather than life. This is not my own opinion, but that of Jesus, as He & the Apostles stated many times in the Bible.

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